The Lost College

& other Oxford stories

“A remarkable achievement”

Colin Dexter

A second collection of stories by Oxford writers, ranging from poignant encounters on Magdalen Bridge to a boatman’s lone struggle with the Thames, from stained glass at Christ Church to unusual objects at the bottom of a college garden. With a Foreword by Colin Dexter.

Short stories by Chris Blount, Mary Cavanah, Angela Cecil-Reid, Gina Claye, Sheila Costello, Jane Gordon-Cumming, Charles Jones, Laura King, Linora Lawrence, Rosie Orr, Ray Pierson, Margaret Pelling, Gillian Rathbone, Jane Stemp

Extract from The Lost College

Chris Blount who wrote the title story combines his knowledge of investment banking and love of Oxford in this rather spooky tale of  The Lost College.

‘Worcester, Balliol, Wadham? Peter, I’ll bet you a pint I’ll guess it within five,’ said Tristan.
‘You’d never have heard of it.’
‘Never heard of it? I know all thirty nine colleges, their foundation dates, their coats of arms, their – I studied them all. I wrote a thesis on college history. I can even tell you about Manchester Hargreaves.’
‘Harris Manchester,’ George corrected him.
‘OK, OK, it’s been a long time.’

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ISBN 978-1-904623-12-0
146 pages