A Proper Family Christmas

William Shirburn really isn’t into Christmas, – all that jingly tinselly presenty stuff makes him feel queasy. He’d prefer to spend it alone, watching trash TV with his cat. Hilary Watlington intends to ignore Christmas altogether. With Daniel away, she won’t have to conceal how desperately she still misses Ben.

And Frances, the nanny, is looking forward to a break from spoilt little Tobias and his dreary parents.

But a law decrees that elderly people are not allowed to be left alone at Christmas, especially if they live in a vast old mansion that could be a gold mine in the right hands, – and William’s relatives are very anxious to ensure that it does end up in the right hands! So instead of going home, Frances must accompany Tobias on a visit to his eccentric grandfather in some spooky place in the Cotswolds. Widows aren’t allowed to spend Christmas alone either, and with the whole family about to invade, William needs Hilary’s support at Haseley House.


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