Blue Cinnamon

Blue Cinnamon revolves around the scientific discovery of a gene that can accurately predict when people will die.

Sean is an actuary who believes that his sister Bridget, a brilliant scientist, could be the key to solving his firm’s financial problems. But she has her own problems in her personal life. Their brother, Conor, the local parish priest, is trying to shake off his love of racing and gambling at the same time. Meanwhile, others are starting to have doubts – moral, ethical and scientific — about the validity of the research.A first novel that explores a very topical subject of our times.



“Very topical. A book that explores what would happen if we could predict the date that we will die. Witty and very clever in places. The characters are carefully observed.”– Stephanie Hale, Oxford Literary Consultancy“It is always satisfying to come across a story that addresses a contemporary concept. The characters are well drawn and believable, and the story is told with wit and sharp observation. I can’t wait to read the denouement when the book is in print.”– Linora Lawrence, Oxford Writers’ Group,  (Chair)

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