Makeover by Barbara Lorna Hudson is a sharply observed and hard-hitting work of women’s fiction that explores the twists and turns of life and relationships as it follows the fortunes of Lucille, twice divorced and twice the victim of abusive marriage, and Oxford don Walter, still mourning the death of his wife.In their own very different worlds, they both know that they have to move on and grasp new opportunities, but neither is prepared for the severe lessons they have yet to learn.



After a turbulent early life and two abusive marriages, divorcee Lucille Brown has battled hard to find her feet. Now all she asks is a second chance. When Oxford don Walter arrives in her life, the sexual chemistry is tangible, yet the gulf between them seems impassable. But hard lessons and new opportunites await them both.

“Barbara Lorna Hudson is a very good wrter and her dedication to her craft is outstanding.” Rosie Millard, journalist and novelist.

“A classy, fast-paced but insightful novel about a woman’s search for security after many brickbats in her previous life. The psychological scenes are believable and accurate.” Brian Sheldon, author and Emeritus Professor of Applied Socia Research, University of Exeter.

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