Nicola’s Ghost

There are dark secrets haunting the Sharpe family. They are strange and remote, and when Stephanie Topham is told she must work with Nicola Sharpe in a science project, she is horrified. As part of their project they have to make a pinhole camera. But when they take a photo with the camera, there is a ghost-like figure on their picture. This figure becomes a key to opening up Nicola Sharpe and revealing the secrets of her family. Through a series of appearances in various photos the ghost directs Nicola and Stephanie into a past that is full of revelations and surprises. Some are painful, some tear at the fabric of the Sharpe family, but the unraveling of Nicola’s past is the saving of the Sharpes, and in a final twist it gives Nicola something more amazing than anything she has ever dared contemplate, even in her deepest dreams.

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